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Google makes user ad controls a priority

Successful advertising is all about appealing to the right audience - so anything which offers online users more control is a valuable asset. Google's new Mute This Ad feature does just that, allowing people to prevent the reoccurrence of campaigns they'd rather avoid in future.

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theEweekly Wrap: Google news, Apple v Samsung rumbles on and Virgin ads censured


Our look back at the week's news includes a busy week for Google, a fruitless attempt at mediation from Apple and Samsung and a look at why Virgin Media's broadband ads, featuring Usain Bolt impersonating Richard Branson, have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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theEweekly Wrap: UK texting, Apple back with EPEAT and Mayer's iPhone secret


Our weekly news highlights include Ofcom's discovery that the UK prefers texting to talking, Apple's rapid return to environmental watchdog EPEAT and new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's preference for Apple's iPhone over former employer Google's Android devices.

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Google's July 2012 spring clean

Google Video, iGoogle and Google Symbian Search are among the features superseded or due for deletion in Google's July 2012 spring clean, which continues the company's streamlining and strengthening of its product portfolio.

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theEweekly Wrap: Yahoo Answers, green Apple departs and Samsung 'uncool'


In our look back at the week's news, we see Yahoo Answers hitting 300 million questions, Apple taking itself off a recognised environmentally friendly register and Samsung being branded "not as cool" by a UK High Court judge.

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theEweekly Wrap: YouView arrives, HTC beats Apple and New Orleans in Google plea


Our assessment of the week's news takes in the reaction to YouView's heavily delayed launch, Apple's failed patent case against HTC and a request from New Orleans for updated Google Street View images to replace those showing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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Mobile marketing: The basics

Mobile websites are still evolving as businesses learn how best to make them profitable, but there are a few basic steps you can take to attract a sizeable smartphone audience, including straightforward design and sensible use of search engine optimisation techniques.

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