theEweekly Wrap: UK privacy watchdog responds to Google ruling, Pinterest widens access to analytics and eBay users urged to change password


UK data privacy watchdog responds to Google's "right to be forgotten" ruling, third party marketers can now access Pinterest analytics and eBay to force users to change their passwords.

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Top 5 ways to use social for research

Is your business utilising social media? Here are our top 5 methods for getting the most out of your social media profile.

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theEweekly Wrap: Google Maps add UK public transport, England stars given Samsung phones and Aardman encourages young programmers


theEweekly Wrap considers Google Maps' news UK public transport info, Samsung's partnership with the England World Cup team and Aardman's plans to get young people interested in computer programming.

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theEweekly Wrap: Companies protest for net neutrality, Symantec says antivirus is dead, and LG reveals home appliances that talk


This week in theEweekly Wrap: internet companies protest for net neutrality, Symantec announce the death of antivirus, and LG announce a generation of home appliances to which users can talk.

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Bitcoin faces uncertainty in China, Twitter shares drop and Facebook reveals the Audience Network


Three Chinese banks have banned the use of Bitcoin, Twitter sees a boom in profits and a fall in shares while Facebook's increase thanks to new ad strategy.

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How to rank higher than big name competitors

Google's head of webspam Matt Cutts explains that content is the key to getting your new site challenging the big names at the top of search rankings.

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theEweekly Wrap: Google reveals time machine for street view, Video shows Microsoft Cortana, and Madame Tussauds' studio makes Zuckerberg Waxwork


This week in theEweekly Wrap: news that Google have invented a 'time machine', a video of Microsoft Cortana, and a Madam Tussauds waxwork of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO.

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theEweekly Wrap: Matt Cutts talks error pages, Yahoo discloses De Castro pay-off and Reactr helps friends connect


In our regular look back at the week's news, we cast an eye over Matt Cutts' explanation of how Google responds to 404 and 410 error pages, the figures behind Henrique De Castro's Yahoo severance pay and new social app Reactr, which helps people share their responses to friends' content.

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theEweekly Wrap: Mozilla CEO sparks free speech debate, Google invests in robotics firm, and BBC highlights new superfast mobile charger


This week in theEweekly Wrap: updates from the Mozilla controversy, news of Google's robotic investments, and a video of a superfast mobile phone charger.

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theEweekly Wrap: Microsoft reveals its Siri competitor, Turkish court deems Twitter ban unconstitutional, and theEword highlights the best of April Fools


This week in theEweekly Wrap: find out about Microsoft Cortana, Turkish court's decision on the Twitter ban, and the best online pranks from April Fools.

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Amazon Fire phone released in US Monday 28th of July, 2014by Rachel HandThe long-anticipated Amazon Fire phone, with its modified Android OS, is now available in the United States.

OkCupid defends experimenting on humans Tuesday 29th of July, 2014by Martin LindleyThe dating website's founder says that this is how websites work.

Twitter shares soar by 35 per cent Wednesday 30th of July, 2014by Rachel HandTwitter shares rose sharply as the company's quarterly earnings revealed that its number of monthly active users has gone up.