theEweekly Wrap: Apple will diversify its emoji range, IRS rule Bitcoin is property and crashes


We take a look at Apple's lack of emoji diversity, the IRS's ruling of Bitcoin as property not currency and Gwyneth and Chris's separation causes to crash.

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theEweekly Wrap: More details revealed on Android Wear, Twitter may bring an end to its @replies service, and addictive mobile game Flappy Bird set to frustrate players once again


This week in theEweekly Wrap: find out about Android Wear, Twitter's plan to remove @reply, and Flappy Bird's return to the app store.

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The power of evergreen content - and how to get started

We take a look at why evergreen content can be so beneficial to your site as a long term strategy, and offer some tips on how to find a great topic using simple Google tools.

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theEweekly Wrap: Highlights from South by South West Interactive, Government to invest £45 million in Internet of Things, and SETI astronomer predicts alien discovery


This week in theEweekly wrap: see highlights from SXSW Interactive, learn about PM's internet of Things investment and ponder over astronomer's prediction of alien life.

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theEweekly Wrap: Ukraine says Russia is behind series of cyber attacks, Facebook to introduces rules on guns posts and Winklevoss twins use Bitcoins to buy space trip


theEword weekly wrap takes a look at alleged Russian cyber attacks in the Ukraine, Facebook's new gun policy and the Winklevoss twins' latest Bitcoin transaction.

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theEweekly Wrap: Bitcoin in turmoil, D'Aloisio unveils app and Facebook drops email addresses


In theEweekly wrap, we discuss Bitcoin's difficult week, Summly creator Nick D'Aloisio's first news app at Yahoo and the end of Facebook account emails.

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February brings new clients, webinars and prize giveaways to theEword

Our roundup of theEword's biggest news this month includes details of some of our new clients, a look at the feedback from our latest webinar and news of an early start to our seventh birthday celebrations.

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How you should use visual content in 2014

Visual content has gained traction over the past year and is predicted to grow over 2014. Find out why you should be creating visual content and what approach you should take to make sure that you content supports your business objectives.

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theEweekly Wrap: Facebook pays reject $19bn, Google Maps gets smarter and US's first Bitcoin ATM


Whatsapp co-founder was rejected by the social network in 2009, Google Maps gets new tools and location of the US's first Bitcoin ATM is revealed.

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Why apprentices are the future and you should hire one

Since the start of 2010, theEword has been offering apprenticeships and has consistently championed the benefits of apprentices. In this blog, our managing director, Daniel Nolan, writes about some the agency's most successful apprentices and makes a case for why more businesses - particularly those in the creative and digital sector - should explore the idea of taking on a school or college leaver.

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Apple releases quarterly earnings report Wednesday 23rd of July, 2014by Rachel HandApple's latest quarterly earnings report reveals both revenue and profit increases year-on-year.

Google to meet EU privacy groups over link removal Thursday 24th of July, 2014by Rachel HandSearch engine representatives head to Brussels to debate 'right to be forgotten' implications.

Amazon Fire phone released in US Monday 28th of July, 2014by Rachel HandThe long-anticipated Amazon Fire phone, with its modified Android OS, is now available in the United States.