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The reign of Apple continues

Apple and its fanatics

As Apple fans are whipped into hysteria at the mere mention of a new product, it is little wonder that Apple is leading within both the tablet and smartphone markets. The throngs of people, who queue for days at Apple launches, salivating over an upcoming product, suggest that Apple has become more than just a brand to its consumers. As followers eat, drink and sleep Apple, and even embark on pilgrimages to the stores, it appears that Apple is something to believe in rather than simply a company selling products.

The loyalty of the Apple follower is apparent as all of its products enjoy a massive uptake. The iPad is currently the go-to tablet and dominates over all of its competitors within the market. Charlie Wolf, an analyst at Needham, calculated that the iPad will remain the dominant tablet in the years which lead up to 2020. Even with Android tablets, Blackberry PlayBooks and HP TouchPads entering the market, Apple is set to hold over half of the market and lose only a small amount of customers.

A report undertaken by the IDC has also found that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone within its growing market. Apple managed to ship 20.3 million units and has a 19.1 per cent share within the market, which leaves other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 in its shadows.

How did Apple achieve its popularity?

The ability to be both iconic and innovative has led to Apple standing above all of its competitors. The company has made sure that people are so familiar with its products in order to secure a position as a household name. Also the continual development of its fashionable products enables Apple to keep its fans excited and maintain high sales. It appears as though this commitment to advancement and innovation will enable Apple to remain above its competitors as the brand continues to create pioneering products.
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