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theEword Academy - 10 tips to boost your following on social media

Every organisation dabbles in social media marketing nowadays, or at least it feels that way. Companies have finally woken up to the value of web 2.0 and are rushing to set up blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, YouTube channels and everything else they can think of.

However, most make little or no headway in the social space, with only a few dozen friends and employees to their name. Some don't even get that far. Time and again, companies find themselves asking the same question – how do I stand out? Hopefully, this blog will point you in the right direction.

My top 10 tips to boost your following on social media:
  1. Focus on your key social media channels instead of flirting with the likes of social bookmarking and location-based games

  2. Advertise social media accounts on your homepage and across your promotional literature

  3. Always post links to your own content such as blogs, press releases, white papers, pictures and videos

  4. Don't be afraid to post links to interesting content produced by others

  5. Engage directly with social media opinion formers

  6. Recommend the best social media accounts by mentioning them in updates and including them on Twitter lists

  7. Go to networking events for people in your industry

  8. Stage your own events to boost brand awareness

  9. Create competitions to reward new followers and those who help raise the profile of your company

  10. Have a sense of humour when things take an unexpected turn – social media isn't an exact science!

Richard Frost
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